CCNP Exam Details and Objectives

The candidates planning to pursue the CCNP R&S credential must be ready to go through the process that includes passing three different exams. They are Cisco 300-101 ROUTE, Cisco 300-115 SWITCH and Cisco 300-135 TSHOOT.

Each of these tests comes with their individual objectives and the students are required to go through all of them before writing the exam(s).

The Cisco 300-101 ROUTE exam is made up of 45 to 65 questions and the duration for the completion of the test is 120 minutes. It is available in two languages such as English and Japanese. To register for the exam, the candidates have to pay the fee of $300.
The Cisco 300-115 SWITCH exam consists of 30-40 questions and you have a total of 120 minutes for their completion. The test can be also taken in two languages: Japanese and English. To register, you are required to pay the exam fee of $300.
The Cisco 300-135 TSHOOT exam comes with 15-25 questions that should be answered within 120 minutes.

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The certification test is available in the English and Japanese languages. As with other two exams, you have to pay the sum of $300 as the exam fee before you can complete your registration for this test.
It is essential to mention that you can write ROUTE first before SWITCH and vice versa. TSHOOT is the last exam you have to write to earn your certification.

Common Network Security Threats

Security is an important part of any company. As time passes, it’s easy to become lax on security measures.

You don’t know the importance of proper network security until your company is victim of an attack.

So what security threats does your company face? Some of the most common threats include:

Trojan horses
Spear phishing
Wi-Fi attacks
Denial of service (DOS) attacks
With so many network security threats, knowing how to protect your company is vital.

The CCNP Security professional offers operational support identity and network access control. They will identify and troubleshoot the Cisco network security appliances and the Cisco IOS Software devices that comprise your network’s security. The professional configures Cisco perimeter edge security solutions with the help of Cisco switches, Cisco routers, and Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) firewalls. The Certified Expert is responsible for executing and managing the security of the Cisco switches, Cisco routers, and Cisco ASA firewalls.


In addition to releasing important security updates for all its operating systems on June 1, Apple released the first beta of iOS and iPadOS 13.5.5. We have little information so far about what is included in the beta or when it will be released.

What’s new in iOS 13.5.5
The beta was released with no release notes, even on Apple’s developer site. That typically means that the release either focuses on bug fixes and performance, or that it incorporates code for testing unannounced features or products.

Audio News+
The sleuths at MacRumors found some references within iOS 13.5.5 for a new feature within Apple News: the ability to listen to audio versions of some news stories for Apple News+ subscribers.

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Future hardware?
If Apple intends to announce new products (like AirPods Studio or AirTags) at WWDC, it may be that iOS 13.5.5 is intended to add support for them. Or, at least, to lay all the groundwork necessary for more widespread testing. Since iOS 14 will not be released until this fall, any new products Apple intends to ship before then need to be supported in an iOS 13 update.